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California woman attacked by a man who impersonated a police officer
Sunday, 2 October, 2011 12:50:38 AM

California woman attacked by a man who impersonated a police officer.

While most people associate assaults with dark alleys and other places that are void of crowds, many might be surprised to learn how often they occur right out in the open. People can even be vulnerable in traffic, and road rage isn't always the provocation for such an attack.

According to the City of Redlands Police Department, a 35-year-old woman was driving a motorized scooter on Citrus Avenue when a man who was driving a 2004-2006 Ford Taurus motioned for her to pull over.

Although the man was in plainclothes and without a badge, he gave the woman the impression that he was a police officer. After trying to persuade the woman to follow him into a nearby orange grove, the attacker extended his hand to the underside of her dress and requested a glimpse at her underwear. The incident occurred shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday, and the police are asking for information that pertains to the man who impersonated a police officer.

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Post-surgery photo reveals how difficult Connecticut woman’s recovery is after chimp attack
Oct 1, 2011 11:00:53

Post-surgery photo reveals how difficult Connecticut woman’s recovery is after chimp attack

Even the most intelligent pets can overreact from time to time and brutally attack their masters. Although dog attacks might be the most common, many people who own chimps or monkeys now have plenty of reason for concern.

After Charla Nash was attacked by her friend's 200-pound pet chimpanzee, which went crazy after the owner asked Nash to help get it back in the house, she ended up horribly disfigured. Nash recently received a full-fledged face transplant at Brigham and Women's Hospital, which gave her new lips, as well as the ability to speak and smell,WCVB TV reports. This was actually the third full face transplant in the UnitedStates, and she received new skin, underlying muscles, blood vessels, nerves and a hard palate.

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Massachusetts woman attacked by a burglar in her own home
October 1, 2011 14:45:33

Massachusetts woman attacked by a burglar in her own home

Unfortunately, no matter how safe people think they are in their own homes, they are still just as susceptible to human cruelty. Although there are all sorts of home security options and fancy high-tech alarms on the market, sometimes it simply comes down to self-defense.

According to, a woman from Lowell was recently hospitalized after a brutal attack by a burglar in her own home. Police responded to a call at the woman's home on Bunker Hill shortly after 8 a.m. and found her bleeding from lacerations to the head and face.

Apparently, the woman was on the phone when she noticed a hole in the first floor window screen. When she began to search the house, the attacker snuck up from behind and slashed her with some sort of weapon before fleeing.

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Handicapped woman victimized in own home
14 September 2011 09:00:25

Handicapped woman victimized in own home

Many stereotypes dictate that men are most often associated with attacks against women. However, specific attacks prove that the stereotypes don't always apply, and handicapped individuals can be even more vulnerable.

According to the Harlow Star, a woman with multiple sclerosis from Essex, England, was recently attacked by a woman with a kitchen knife. The female attacker, Emily Hardiment, was described as behaving like a crazy woman when she appeared at the home of Trudy Lee with a knife and a rolling pin. Miss Lee received a cut on her hand, while her son suffered a potentially life-threatening stab wound to the side of his body.

Hardiment was found guilty at the Chelmsford Crown Court of wounding Miss Lee's son with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assaulting Miss Lee and causing bodily harm, as well as having an offensive weapon and causing criminal damage.

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More young adults in Las Vegas buying pepper spray
13 September 2011 15:09:00

Although many people buy pepper spray to increase their home safety, more adolescents are doing so to raise their personal safety. Recently, pepper spray sales skyrocketed in the Las Vegas area as more young adults began to take proactive measures to stay protected, according to CBS affiliate 8News Now.

Many individuals who are attending school in the area feel that it is a necessity to buy pepper spray to protect themselves on campus. However, a number of campuses say that the product is banned in fear of causing injuries to others.

"We have a zero tolerance for weapons, that includes guns, knives, pepper spray, things of that nature. We do not allow those items into school properties," Lietenant Ken Young from the Clark County School District told the news source.

However, many parents are in support of the move by their children to protect themselves with pepper spray and increase their personal safety.

Those who want to reduce their vulnerability might want to buy pepper spray to be able to fight off assailants. However, the product should only be used as directed and individuals should be properly trained to use it beforehand.

Officials encourage pepper spray as wildlife sightings become more prevalent

29 June 2011 13:50:20

The still present snow caps in high elevations in Montana have caused wildlife like bears and mountain lions to seek refuge closer to residential areas, according to KAJ18 news.

The news outlet spoke with Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) officials in Fortine, Montana, who have seen an increasing number of both species coming into the valley.

According to reports, one grizzly bear was euthanized and another nine bears have been removed from the valley in recent months. Mountain lions have also been seen and officials say it's common to see them in places where deer tend to roam.

With the current chain of events, officials urge residents to look into purchasing animal repellent or pepper spray as a means to ward of uninvited guests. One FWP officer said, "You don't have to determine what species of bear it is and how you have to act to that species if it's Grizzly versus Black Bear, or if it's a lion. Pepper spray works pretty well on just about everything."

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North Carolina woman assaulted by two robbers
31 March 2011 14:34:38

Caption: North Carolina woman assaulted by two robbers

A woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, was recently attacked while she walked downtown, police say. The victim had some of her belongings stolen and investigators are searching for two suspects in the crime, CBS affiliate WBTV reports.

The 30-year-old victim was walking downtown around 11 p.m, which was when the two men approached her and pushed her to the ground. According to the news source, they stole her cell phone and purse, but they didn't stop there. While she was on the ground, the victim was kicked in the stomach and jaw, leaving her with minor injuries.

ABC News reports that around 1.9 million women are assaulted every year in the United States, but there are a number of ways for individuals to boost their personal safety. Staying alert and keeping one's hands free is the best start, as being distracted by a phone or music can make one an easy target for a potential attacker.

Those looking for a more substantial defense mechanism may want to buy pepper spray. It will temporarily disable an assailant by making it difficult for them to see and breathe, allowing a victim to get to safety.

Man arrested after machete attack
28 March 2011 14:41:28

A Costa Mesa, California, man was recently arrested after he was suspected of assaulting another individual while wielding a machete. Police say that 19-year-old Robert Hopkins, Jr. was taken into custody outside the local mall and may face a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon, NBC affiliate KNBC reports.

Authorities say they received a call around 9 p.m. from a man claiming he was attacked by a man carrying a machete. When police arrived on the scene, the victim said the assailant ran off and provided a description. A short time later, investigators found a man who matched the description and soon after found the weapon.

"He told our officers he had hidden the 25-inch machete under a row of seats in the movie theater, where officers recovered it," sergeant Stephanie Selinske told the news source.

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Attempted abductions raise alert in Nevada

According to recent reports by police in Reno, Nevada, school children have been targeted by a group of men and one woman who are trying to abduct them. Assaults have been reported in areas such as casino elevators and the students' route home from school, the Reno Gazette-Journal reports.

Police say that suspects have been spotted driving white vehicles, including a van and a Lexus, and they attempted to lure their potential victims by asking for a lost pet while wearing a mask and gloves.

During one of the incidents, a teenage girl was able to thwart her attacker by spraying pepper spray in his or her face. As a result of the attempted abductions, detectives have been patrolling the area and encouraging parents to discuss personal safety with their children.

"Take it beyond these incidents and open up the dialogue about other areas of their life," Sergeant Gerald Rhodes told the news source. "There are other dangers out there."

Those who are concerned about their personal safety may consider carrying pepper spray on their person in case of the event that they feel threatened.